Customer Service Deserves Better Treatment

Customer Service Deserves Better Treatment

Jordyn Wilson, Contributor

People who work in a service have always been told the customer comes first and and to make sure they are pleased with the work we have provided.

On a day-to-day basis, employees have to deal with rude customers, impatient mean people, and all different kinds of people that don’t make any sense. They get talked to like animals and treated like they were the ones being disrespectful.

Now, there’s never one right side 100 percent of the time, but for the most part, the servers have to put up with so much more than what most people see. Yes, that’s what they signed up for, but the customers don’t have to make it harder; the servers try their hardest and if it’s really going to always be the employee in the wrong, then the customers don’t need the servers.

People all around the world have to deal with customer service one way or another, and to those who have to, it’s absolute torture and pain to wait hand and foot for somebody to make a choice on what they want.

When dealing with rudeness from customers, there’s not really someone telling you to do this and that; it’s more of a computer thing. They tell you steps to deal, but if it goes wrong the server is the first thing that’s gonna be blamed and that’s tiring.

Moral of the story: most systems are one-sided and unfair and customer service deserves better.