Invincible, A Breath of Fresh Air for Superhero Fans


Garrett Duncan, Contributor

Invincible is the newest in media about corrupt superheroes.  But unlike The Boys, this story is centered on a mystery, and instead of a twisted corporate villain in Homelander, Invincible has a more relatable villain in Omni Man.  The two are similar, but Omni Man has different motives and beliefs.  The show portrays superheroes in a positive light but shows that they are just as complex as normal people, and that they would probably have some issues in their lives.  It’s all around a good show in the beginning, but the further you go the better it gets.  (Wikipedia: Invincible)

I am going to give some serious spoilers now, as I explain why I love Invincible’s story.  It starts in Episode One: It’s About Time.  This episode introduces the guardians of the Globe, who are basically the Justice League.  They work with Omni Man, (though he is technically not part of the team) to fight supervillains.  Omni Man has a son named Mark, who wants to be a superhero himself, but is unable to because his powers have not developed yet.  Its Mark’s 18th birthday, and Omni Man tells him he will soon get his powers.  Later that day, Mark discovers his powers have kicked in, and he tells his parents.  His mother is overjoyed, but Omni Man seems a bit worried by this.

Later in the episode, the Guardians of The Globe are called into their HQ for an emergency, but none of them knows what the emergency is.  Suddenly Omni Man shows up and kills all of them.  The show’s mystery is all about finding out who killed the guardians, but for the audience it is about why Omni Man killed them.  As more people find out who did it, we get closer to find out why it happened, until in the last episode of season one when it is finally revealed.

I won’t spoil it here, because you can watch the show yourself.  Which you really should do.  The show is great, and only has one aspect that is less than good.  Mark has a girlfriend named Amber, and can’t tell her he is a superhero.  It’s pretty contrived and something you have seen before.  This really doesn’t overshadow the good qualities of the show, though, and I think you should watch it.

Just don’t do it if you are faint of heart, because the show has a lot of blood and gore.