An Interview with Teachers


Jordyn Wilson, Contributor

Most of my teachers have said that virtual wasn’t really  the best for their class. They have said that they understand it, but that they don’t like how it splits up their class and how much the teachers have to do the run around for students, and it frustrates them at a certain point.

Virtual was offered because some parents don’t want their kid in big crowds while this is going on at the same time. They understand, but it throws class off sometimes and they hate when it does that .

They have to worry about internet connections, background noise, and many more that as students, we probably don’t even know about. The teachers have a lot on their plates and they’re told to do God’s work. It gets hard sometimes.

Most of my questions were directed at the virtual schooling, but I also asked about things in the classroom and how the school is handling covid. The majority said that they are doing the best they can, with the school included; it’s a rough time, and everyone needs to be a little more patient and giving in times of the unknown.

It shouldn’t be made harder; it should be alright and everyone should work together.

Moral of the story: the teachers are trying, the school is trying, and many don’t understand the difference in all this.