Lil Reese Shot in Gunfight


Alivia Gutierrez, Contributor

Lil Reese and two others he was seen with reportedly got shot on North side of Chicago. 

There were about three gunshots heard when one of the citizens reported it at 9:50 a.m. One police officer, Sally Bowen, said, “apparently they were all shooting at each other” ( As she said this, they were fighting over stolen property which was reported by a man who owned a Dodge Durango. 

Reported by the police, there were three people with gunshot wounds: a 28- year-old who was grazed in the thigh, a 20-year-old in the knee and the last one, who was 27, was shot repeatedly and is in critical condition. From there on, there was a video of what went down, “A brutal video surfaced of the aftermath on social media” (

In the graphic video, there was a woman recording and a man yelling from the distance, in which they said, That (expletive) stole my car!” the man yelling says.

“Look at Lil Reese! Look at Lil Reese!” the woman says. ( This was just part of the conversation that was on the video. When police finally arrived, they were all detained. 

People are praying and hoping that Lil Reese, or Tavares Taylor if using his real name, is healthy and isn’t too badly hurt. On his Instagram around five p.m. they posted, “Everyone keep praying for Reese & his family,” said Instagram fans.