“The Ellen Show” to End After Season 19


Alex Moehring, Contributor

The longtime talk show known as “The Ellen Show” is ending. The show had been consistently releasing episodes since it’s start On Sept. 8, 2003. (nbcnews) The Ellen show currently stars actress and comedian Ellen DeGeneres as the host. DeGeneres would often play games with celebrities or have competitions involving audience members. “The Ellen Show” used to be extremely popular, but its ratings are declining. According to MercuryNews.com, the talk show has lost over one-million viewers in the last year. The entire show is predicated on the positive slogan Be Kind. However, after information about the shows environment behind the scenes recently surfaced, the caring meaning behind the slogan has been tainted.

DeGeneres announced the end of her show shortly after her former employees came forward with stories about how toxic the environment is behind the scenes. Allegations have recently come forward about the treatment of staff by DeGeneres and the higher-ups working behind the scenes at “The Ellen Show”.  The staffers described DeGeneres as cold and distant. They stated that the friendly “Be Kind” Persona which fans have been watching on television for years is vastly different then the off-air personality shown to her employees (insider.com). However, when asked about why she chose to end end her show, DeGeneres shared a different reasoning for her actions.

When the disgraced host appeared in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she said “I need something new to challenge me” (the Hollywood Reporter). However, there have been critics of this statement online. One source stated that it seemed like DeGeneres was attempting to leave the show after it had lost its message. They think that the host was just trying to save what was left of her reputation. (Tvovermind)

This collapse of fame reveals an important lesson in the field of entertainment. It reveals the importance of respect in a workplace and the need to not always take a television personality at face value. It heavily demonstrated the need to always do what DeGenerous preached but did not show: BE KIND.