Olivia Rodrigo’s New Album Sour


Raylynn Carson, Contributor

Olivia Rodrigo, an 18-year-old artist, releases her new break-up album titled Sour, and people are going crazy over it! Sour was released on May 21, 2021; it is a pop album and is an emotional roller coaster. It has eleven songs and is 35 minutes long. 

The first released song is titled Driver’s License and made fans go crazy. She is talking about her breakup with her recent boyfriend, and how he left her for another girl. Olivia then let out Déjà Vu, also speaking about how her ex is doing the same things with her new boyfriend. She then let out Good 4 U which hit number one on the charts! 

I am absolutely obsessed with the album, my favorite song being Traitor. The lyrics just hit different. I also love Favorite Crime. I feel as if a lot of teens can relate to this album as it’s kind of like a falling in love at a young age and then puppy love being over. She sings about her first heartbreak and all the stages throughout the break up. 

Many teens are listening to the new album, including me and my friends; we have been listening to it all weekend long! I definitely recommend listening to the album. It’s amazing at a 10/10.