Take a Break from the Negative Affects from Social Media


Raylynn Carson, Contributor

Social media is a very big part of teens’ lives, and this generation in general. Social media does have some positive aspects about it, but there have been a lot of negative outcomes due to social media. 

Social media may promote negative experiences like FOMO (fear of missing out), isolation, depression, body dysmorphia, and many more. I have seen a lot of my friends have some of these negative effects. 

I have seen people try to delete and take that break from social media that they really need, but they get it back because of FOMO; it is real and lots of people struggle with it. 

Many young girls and boys are developing eating disorders and body dysmorphia due to comparing themselves to models and Instagram influencers.  

Isolation is a big problem with social media for me personally; I am constantly on social media while staying in the house and getting distracted from my school work as well. 

It’s really important for students, teens, kids, adults, and anyone who partakes in social media to take a break and unplug for some time because it can have a crazy affect on your mental and physical health. So take a day to yourself once in a while.