Rising Girl group ‘Boysworld’


Riley Minor, Editor

Boysworld is a five member girl group of singers that produce pop music: Olivia ruby, Queenie May, Lillian Kay, Elana Caceres, and Makhyli.

They released their debut single ‘Girlfriends’ on October 22, 2020, and then later released their song ‘Wingman’.

The songs have become popular amongst teens and garnered almost 5 million streams. Not only are the songs popular, but so are the girls.

Fans love the chemistry they have and admire their strong friendship and hard work. The members have released videos of themselves hard at work singing, practicing choreography, filming music videos and writing music.

So, if you’re looking for new music, or a new group of people to listen to, you can add Boysworld to your list of potential favorite artists.