Ashley Ridge Will Cap Off its 2021 School Year With a Senior Movie Night and Prom


Garrett Duncan, Contributor

Before the Yearbook signing on the last day of school, seniors at Ashley Ridge will have many other things to do to celebrate the end of the year.  They are having a Movie Night Supervised by Mrs. Emery and a school prom supervised by Mrs. Wheeler.  To find out about these parties I interviewed both of them.

The movie night will have popcorn, candy, and many types of drinks.  They will be watching “Grown Ups” for their movie.  On movie night, there will also be senior superlatives (voting on things like Most Likely To Succeed, or Best Comedian) that will be voted on before the movie and revealed after it is over.  There will also be a slideshow of pictures of all the seniors.

At the prom, there will be food and drinks, and the party will go all night.  There will be a DJ there as well.  This year only seniors are allowed to go to prom, and it costs $60 per person for those attending.

After school ends, there will be no summer programs for seniors, so do as well as you can before it is over.