Billboards aid in search of missing individuals

Billboards in Oconee county help in the search of missing people

Billboards aid in search of missing individuals

Eugenio Guardascione, Contributor

New billboards in Oconee County are highlighting six missing persons cases that have not been solved over the past three decades (Fox).

The two locations of the billboards are on highway 123 near Clemson and Highway 123 by Hi-tec Road in Seneca (Fox).

The billboards were paid entirely by crime stoppers in the Oconee County, via donations and fundraisers to use the money (Fox).

It’s said that the plan is to keep the digital billboards up as long as they can afford to, and can switch them out if one of the cases does get solved (Fox).

Many families of the missing persons are happy and grateful that these billboards were put up because a chance to find their loved ones are at least any clues.

Helen Westmoreland, coordinator between the non-profit and sheriff’s office, said the number one goal of the boards is to help the families and law enforcement locate the missing people (Fox).

“Our board actually went back and changed their bylaws that allows us to offer a reward now for the location of any of these six individuals. Right now there’s a $1,000 reward if we can get information that will lead us to the location of any of these individuals,” stated Westmoreland (Fox).

Anyone with information on any of the six cases highlighted can leave a tip anonymously through the P3 app on a smartphone or tablet, or by calling 1-888-CRIME-SC.