TBC in Critical Need of Blood Donations

TBC in critical need of blood donations due to shortage.

TBC in Critical Need of Blood Donations

Eugenio Guardascione, Contributor

The Blood Connection is asking the public to sign up to donate blood to help add to the low supply in the area (Fox).

TBC officials have said that after months of historically low blood donor turnout, the local blood supply has reached a deficit. TBC is  now having to back-order blood products due to the low supply, according to officials (Fox).

TBC officials have stated that they did not collect enough blood to cover the hospitals needs during 48 percent of days this month. They say there is a high probability that TBC will need to start rationing blood, by the end of the weekend. They added that hospitals are stocking up their blood supply for the memorial day weekend, but TBC already cannot provide these products (Fox).  

Gas shortage, unexpected traumas, and the long term effects of the coronavirus made the issue worse, officials state (Fox).

Those willing to donate blood are encouraged to schedule an appointment, or a visit a donation location.