76ers’ George Hill speaks on his issues with the reconstruction of Black Wall Street


Natalia Cullins, Contributor

Philadelphia 76ers guard George Hill expressed his dislike with the tearing down of Black Wall Street in Oklahoma and building over the land. In 1921, hundreds of black people were killed by a white mob in an area of Tulsa known as Black Wall Street. Tulsa’s white residents and society leaders looted and burned the Greenwood district. Survivors of this horrific incident were put into internment camps overseen by the National Guard (FoxNews).  

George Hill says “They pretty much burned the whole Black Wall Street down and take over their land and then sell it to a university like Oklahoma State University…….to put those things right in the center of where history was-.” Hill compares the massacre to the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center. Hill thinks that African American children should know what happened to Black Street and what it is.