My Eternal Hatred for the Name Game

My Eternal Hatred for the Name Game

Alex Moehring, Contributor

The name game, a game often played in classrooms at the beginning of the year to get to know others and our interests. Coincidentally, the name game is also the bane of my existence. I do not know how long ago it was created, but I do know it has followed me for my whole life. Every year, when a class is forced to play it, I think to myself, ‘I may not have learned the other names of the people in the room, but I have learned to develop undying hatred for this game.’

The name game is played by getting the group to stand in a circle and reveal our names to each other. Then, we must choose an adjective, which both describes our characteristics but also matches the first letter in our name. Then we must create an action based on characteristics. We then must go around the circle trying to recite the names, characteristics, and actions which others have chosen.

This game has become the number one getting-to-know-you game that I have played. If the game wasn’t so repetitive, I think it could be fun. I have played it far too many times that it has become annoying. Very few people have creative ideas for what to use as adjectives or interesting actions about those adjectives.

The name game is fueled by creativity in an uncreative world. In previous versions I have played, each player must go around the circle at least once, attempting and often failing to remember the names of those that came before them. With more than 20 people, this task will take inordinate amounts of time to complete. This method of the game is an absolute time waster and only serves to bore a group into cooperation.

The name game is, in my opinion, the most overused game I’ve ever played. Its overuse and its lack of creativity have lead it to failure. The name game has followed me for years, and I fear I shall never escape it.