NBA Fan’s Behavior Overshadowing the Playoffs


Xavier Proctor-Floyd, Editor

Fans have been invited back into the stands with the NBA Playoffs. But with the fans now being back, there has been an uprise in unruly fan behavior. From running on to the court to throwing water bottles at the players, this behavior by the fans needs to be checked.

The first outrageous act a fan did this year was throwing popcorn on star guard Russel Westbrook, then in New York a fan spit on all-star Trae Young, and in Boston a fan threw a water bottle at Kyrie Irving, and the last event that happened was a fan running onto the court in Washington.

These disrespectful fan behaviors have been commented on by the stars of the League including Lebron James, Kevin Durant, James Harden and many more. All of the players are standing with each other and requesting legal consequences happen to these fans.

This recent fan behavior is absolutely uncalled for. After a year of not being able to attend games due to Covid, the players, and the league in general, are disappointed in the recent behavior of the fans.