We Need Less Dress Code

We Need Less Dress Code

Alivia Gutierrez, Contributor

Throughout all of the years of going to school, there has always been one thing that has been a problem for both girls and boys: the dress code. Throughout middle school and high school, we have always been taught to cover up; for girls, it’s always been shoulders, which doesn’t make any sense because we are not showing much skin at all. 

When going into middle school, if we were to wear something too revealing, we would be sent to the office or ask to call home to change. It doesn’t even stop there, though. There are also dress codes that don’t let us express ourselves; now I’m not saying let’s get rid of the dress code completely because it still does give us some type of rule, but it has gotten out of hand for some schools. In one school a student said, We should be allowed to express ourselves within reasonand I don’t think we should be punished with detention or sent home for a one-time offense” (scholastic.com). This one of the many reasons we should dial back on the dress code. 

If we were to wear what we want freely, we would be able to enjoy school just a little bit more. Outfits are one of the most important thing for a student; it’s what makes us feel comfortable or sometimes what helps us get through the day. If we can’t even dress the way we want to then what makes teachers think we would want to do anything for the rest of the day? In the article it states, “We should celebrate that by letting both boys and girls wear whatever clothing feels right” (scholastic.com). This is a way for us to feel comfortable because of how long we sit in seats all day. 

For example, when going to school in the mornings, we are all tired and just want to go home, but if we were to wear what we want without being so concerned with our outfits if would make students day much more better. In one article it states, Instead, dress codes teach students that conformity and obedience to authority are most important. Individuality is suppressed. Student voice is suppressed” (news.fersno.com). This a con for a dress code, because if we can’t express ourselves in clothing what makes teachers think we are going to voice our thoughts? 

Overall, students should be able to wear what they want without being discriminated about it. To solve this issue, get people to sign petitions or go to the district.