Lowcountry Street Grocery



Low Country Street Grocery has begun their journey to making Charleston a healthier place while traveling aboard with a remodeled 1988 Ford B700 school bus.

Directed by two College of Charleston graduates, Lindsey Barrow and Kate DeWitt, the local business  dreams of bringing food to the “food deserts”, or areas or neighborhoods without ready access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food, within the city of Charleston, and help stop obesity by offering healthy food to areas where fast food is prominent.

They plan to bring food to these areas by renovating an old school bus into a mobile market. They will have planned routes and stops.

Among the many things they will offer are: farm fresh produce, meats, dairy, cheeses, bread, and local and artisanal goods.

The business grows all of their produce at Rebellion Farm in Ravenel, and get the rest of their goods from other small, local businesses.