The Genius of “My Sims Agents”

The Genius of “My Sims Agents”

Alex Moehring, Contributor

My Sims Agents is a great game, which was released on September 25, 2009. The game is so great that I have created over 20 profiles on it. Before I delve into what the game is about, I would like to share my history with the game.

My whole life, I have always loved mysteries. Mystery books and games were always my favorites. Mysteries truly interested me. This is why I was drawn to games such as “My Sims Agents” where you have to solve mysteries. Although the mysteries were simple (as it was created to be played by kids), and the story was uncomplicated, (written for kids) the game held a subtle charm in the way it was created.

The game is unlike the more well-known properties in the Sims franchise. In most Sims games, you focus on life building. Normally, in a game in that franchise, you control the lives of a family which you created and choose what happens in their fate. However, in “My Sims Agents”, the similarities stop at the name.

In “My Sims Agents”, you play as a small-town detective having to go around multiple different landscapes. In each area there are usually 2-4 mysteries to solve.  Although I had solved each mystery in my first playthrough, the classic charm of the game brought me back for an inexplicable amount of playthroughs.

The plot of the game is to prevent an evil Sim named Morcubus from finding a powerful artifact called the nightmare crown. You do this with the help of a Sim called Buddy, and a agent named Walker. Along the way, you meet interesting characters that serve as suspects to your ever-growing list of mysteries.

Somehow, the charm mixed with the nostalgia of the game has brought me to play through the story over twenty times. Although the story is uncomplicated, from my perspective, the game is just an enjoyable ride from start to finish.