The 2021 Prom Pulls it off Perfectly


Alex Moehring, Contributor

On Sunday, May 30, Ashley Ridge High School held their Class of 2021 prom. On the whole, I found this year’s prom to be genuinely enjoyable. I watched people dance weirdly. I watched people have photos taken. I also managed to bear witness to a couch breaking while someone was sitting on it. Somehow all the elements put together managed to make a great prom. The prom’s start was integral. After handing in the ticket to enter, there was a photography station where you could take pictures. They also had two voting machines to decide who would be elected prom king or queen. (I could go on a long-winded rant about how it makes no logical sense as kings and queens are chosen by birth and not by voting but that is unrelated.)  Then on the way into the main room where the prom was held was a long red carpet which truly brought out the fanciness of the event.

In the main ballroom of the convention center where the prom was held were multiple stations filled with various things. Near the front of the ballroom was the dancefloor. Surrounding it were couches and chairs. Near the entrance was another photobooth, with props to hold up in pictures. On each side of the room were tables where they served mocktails and cups of water.

The centerpiece of the room was the table in the middle filled with treats. Sitting on the table were plates with various sweets such as chocolate covered strawberries and other delights. Hanging from the ceiling were giant, bulbous ornaments to tie the room together.

The DJs hired to perform absolutely brought their A game to their role in the prom. They seemed to be energized and active in whatever they were doing. During the reveal of the prom king and queen and the more interactive musical choices, they seemed to be perfectly continuing the party.

At the end of the 2021 prom, a slow song was played for the couples. Then, at 11:30, after most had left, they handed out metal water bottles with ARHS Prom 2021 written on them.

At the end of the day, the ARHS prom of 2021 was a massive success. It was entertaining on all fronts. Based on what I witnessed, others seemed to enjoy it also. This year’s prom managed to balance the many aspects that make the prom amazing.