Congresswoman Mace’s Entire House and Street Vandalized


Garrett Duncan, Contributor

On June 1, Congresswoman Nancy Mace’s house and street were vandalized with black spray paint.  (ABC News)  A lot of what was painted was just insults and expletives directed towards Mace, but there were also a lot of symbols.  These symbols were circles with a capital A in the middle, a symbol commonly used to symbolize Antifa (Antifa Wikipedia), a far left “Anti-Fascist” group.  Antifa is interesting, because unlike far right groups like The Proud Boys (Proud Boys Wikipedia), it does not have a designated leader, or work as one centralized organization.  Instead there are many Antifa groups like Rose City Antifa, that operate with the name Antifa, but are not the “official” Antifa because it is not technically an organization.

So why did Antifa activists spraypaint Mace’s house? It seems they are trying to threaten her into passing a bill. Another thing spray painted onto Mace’s house were the words, “Pass the pro act”.  Pictures can be seen here: (ABC News)  This seems to be referencing the PRO Act, otherwise known as the Protecting the Right to Organize Act.

The PRO Act Bill would give more power to labor unions, making it so that businesses can not conspire against a union that is working with them to provide labor.  Republicans do not support the bill, because it has a rule that if a union is prominent in a specific job, it can force people to join it, whether they like it or not.  If you want to learn more, information about the PRO Act is available here: (NPR)

The Bill has passed the House of Representatives, and is now in the Senate.  It seems that the Antifa activists might be trying to scare Mace into using her connections to get it passed.  Nancy Mace is a big target for the left, because in addition to being a Republican, she has also defended keeping the right for people to discriminate against people’s sexuality on the basis of religion.  (The Washington Examiner)

Luckily for Mace, the only thing to happen to her so far is this vandalism.  After notifying the authorities, Mace tweeted, “Although my kids and I are thankfully fine, these criminal acts are unacceptable no matter your politics.”   (The Hill)