Mr. Dodds on his time at ARHS


Alex Moehring, Contributor

Mr. Dodds has been a teacher at Ashley Ridge for multiple years.  He has taught 3D Design and Photoshop in his media arts classes.  I sat down with Mr. Dodds on Tuesday, June 1, 2020.

He said this when he was asked about his time at Ashley Ridge:

“Ashley Ridge has been a really wonderful place to work, especially because I live in downtown Charleston, so I would be in the zone for a Charleston County school district, and I teach in Dorchester and they just really treat their teachers well, and they treat students really well, too. That’s something that I’ve learned from teachers that teach in other districts. I mean as high schoolers, no one’s ever just fully in love with the school that they are in, and I think that’s more of the institution of school rather than what school they’re actually at. But Dorchester is a really loving district.”

When I asked him about what he planned for next year, he replied:

“This is my last year; I actually get in on the 18th and the student’s last day is the 16th, and there’s a teacher work day on the 17th, and I actually sign the papers to sell my house and get a u-haul on the 18th, so ill be out of here.”

After Mr. Dodds shared his upcoming plans, I asked him about his time at the school.

“I have made a lot of really good friends, like not only on the art teacher hallway, but in the school, and I have taught a lot of really wonderful students. I know I’m going to miss them a lot.”

After spending several years teaching at this school, I am certain Mr. Dodds will be missed.