last call helps undecided seniors

last call helps undecided seniors

Alex Moehring, Contributor

On June 4 2021, Ashley Ridge High School held ‘Last Call’. Last Call is a job fair designed to help seniors find jobs. It was held in the mini-gym. At Last Call, the majority of the tables were related to the military. However, also at last call there were a few other stands. Some stands were for restaurants. Other stands were for colleges.

One such college was Trident Tech. At the stand, they handed out t-shirts and banners with the Trident Tech logo on them. They also set up a table for College of Charleston. The College of Charleston and Trident Technical College both shared valuable information.

The Last Call job fair had a booth for the YMCA, Hardees, and Chick-Fil-A. The shared information about getting jobs and job responsibilities.

Almost every booth gave out business cards. They each contained the name and phone number of someone to contact for a job. They are the primary method of contact.

Overall, I felt that the Last Call job fair felt military focused. There were many military-based booths.

I felt that it did what it could, but there wasn’t very much variation in job availability. Most of it was different people making the same arguments.