“The Last Witch Hunter”



With Vin Diesel as the main character, this film is bound to be good.

The Last Witch Hunter, ranked 4th on the Box Office charts, has made $10.8 million in 3,082 theatres nation wide.

The film features a witch hunter, Kaulder, who was torn from his family by a plague sent by the Witch Queen.  Kaulder and a group of other men hunt down the queen, and Kaulder kills her, and is cursed with immortality.

After that, he spends his days hunting bad witches and hunting the good. The film follows Kaulder as he hunts down a witch, and tries to stop the resurrection of the Queen Witch.

Along the way, Kaulder meets Chloe, a witch, who serves as a friend and right hand man.

This movie has a lot of action that is broken apart by comedy, and a bit of romance, as it flashes back to images of him and his late family.

The PG13 film would be great for any viewer as it incorporates many different genres.