Students Address Issues With Journal Scene Practices

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Photo by: Lucy Musselman

Photo by: Lucy Musselman

Summerville High School’s football team has always been in the limelight in the district, and that has been shown in the sports section of  The Journal Scene.

The seniors of Mrs. Wilkerson’s 6th period class noticed that, after football games, Summerville’s scores and information were mainly posted on Saturdays, while Ashley Ridge’s scores were mainly posted on Mondays or Tuesdays.

The class wrote letters to the editor of The Journal Scene protesting the unfairness. One of the letters sent, by Michaela Lewis, was posted on The Journal Scene’s webpage along with a reply by Interim Editor Stephanie Harvin.

“The only school you post about on Saturdays is Summerville, and frankly as a 2-6 team, they don’t deserve that recognition,” Michaela wrote.

“Our staffing schedule is planned at the beginning of the season and is not subject to how well the teams are playing. In the case of Ashley Ridge, the team will be covered more toward the end of the season – a happy coincidence since the team is doing so well,” Harvin said in her reply.

With this years season quickly drawing to a close, The Ridge is hoping to see AR sports scores posted in a more timely manner.

According to Mrs. Wilkerson, Harvin contacted her, and thanked the students for expressing their opinions. She also indicated that the newspaper will be re-evaluating their practices relating to posting stories.