Savannah Burton: The Homecoming Princess

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Photo from Savannah Burton

Photo from Savannah Burton

On November 6, 2015, AR junior, Savannah Burton won homecoming princess. Three girls were nominated, but Burton took home the crown. By the look on Burton’s face when Mrs. Radcliffe called her name, you could tell she was thrilled.

Burton said, “Yes, I was so excited just because I know how much of a privilege it is to be one. Only 3 girls get picked out of your class, and I was one, and on top of that I won!”

Burton was escorted on the field by her father. She wore a beautiful green dress with nude flat shoes. Homecoming is a big event for high school students because they look forward to the football game and homecoming court. Usually, when people hear the word “Homecoming” they think of a lot of things.

But, when Burton hears the word  “Homecoming,” she thinks of a big celebration, Friday night lights football, fall, and just a happy time for all the student body.

After being crowned Homecoming princess, Burton celebrated by eating pizza rolls and going to bed. Before winning Homecoming Princess, her and the other nominees went out to Oscars to eat and celebrate.

After Burton graduates high school, she hopes to go Florida State University or Louisiana State University. She wants to go into business and then become a politician.

Congratulations to Savannah on winning ARHS Homecoming Princess!