$18,000 grant awarded to fine arts

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Two of Ashley Ridge’s own art teachers, Mrs. Keith (photography and sculpture) and Mrs. Ellis (drawing and painting), spent last spring organizing a fine arts grant for our department here at the school.

The grant, consisting of 47 pages and worth $18,000, is called the Arts Curricular Innovation grant and was given to us by the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE). A portion of the money goes towards staff development; the fine arts faculty will be taking courses at the governor’s school this summer.

Another share will go to an Artist in Residence (AIR), where an artist will come in, observe, help and learn with the classes. The plan is to have a 3-D Design AIR to help with Mrs. Keith’s sculpture students.

Along with the staff development and the AIR, another portion will go towards technology. A technology cart will be put together with primarily Apple products (iPads, Macbooks, etc.) and hopefully DSLR cameras with video recording capabilities for students to be able to incorporate more technology into the lessons.

The grant was originally written because all of the visual and performing arts are required to use two sets of standards. In addition with the primary standard of the art, media art is the second one required. Although, with the lack of technology in our fine arts department, some are having trouble fulfilling that standard.

The ARHS fine arts department is hoping this will be an annual grant for new technology every year. Be sure to stop by and congratulate Mrs. Keith and Mrs. Ellis on all their hard work!