Thanksgiving vs. Christmas

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Halloween has ended, thus the beginning of a new holiday. But, is it Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Since Christmas is the favorite holiday in the U.S. (Top Ten). After Halloween, the wide majority of the US  jumps into the Christmas spirit. This leaves Thanksgiving in the dust with its Turkeys and pumpkin pie.

Freshman Lauren Marano, on team Santa, said, “I like Christmas better than Thanksgiving because I don’t have to talk to family. I get to wear sweaters, and I don’t have to worry about homework.”

 “I like Thanksgiving because of all the food, like ham and macaroni pie. Also, I like spending time with family,” said Chelsea Noes, a senior on team Turkey.

Obviously Christmas wins the best Holiday award on votes, but we will always cherish Thanksgiving for its food and break off of school.

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