Abolish capital punishment

Jalise Brown, Contributer

Capital punishment, the execution of inmates, is immoral and inhumane and therefore, should be banned. A better, and more reasonable punishment for the prisoner would be spending the remainder of their life in prison.

By sentencing these prisoners to death, we are committing the same crime they did. “The penalty for rape, cannot be rape, or for arson, the burning down of the arsonist’s house. We should not, therefore, punish the murderer with death” (ACLU). What exactly are we solving by killing criminals? Sure, if they are killed, there is not way for them to kill any others, but what is the point of this if we are still taking a life in the process?

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When the states sentence someone to death, they believe that they are doing nothing wrong, although to many citizens, they are. It should not be our decision to kill someone as a punishment regardless of what their crime is. This punishment is far too cruel and inhumane to continue being used.

Another reason the death penalty should be banned is the extremely high cost. “It’s an economic drain of government with already depleted budgets” said New York Times article “High Cost of Death Row”. While it is also expensive to keep prisoners in jail, according to the same article, keeping inmates on death row in Florida costs taxpayers “$51 million a year more than holding them life without parole.” So why waste so much money executing them when they could just hold them in prison and save money?

A simple solution to this problem would certainly be to abolish the death penalty and give criminals life in prison instead; that is certainly not an easy punishment. Spending the rest of their life behind bars, having to think about the crime they committed to end up there is very justifiable. Prisoners would have the chance to repent and learn rather than being executed and not having a chance for redemption. “How likely is it, really, that a killer will be more deterred by the risk of the death penalty, than by having to spend the rest of his life in prison?” (Bloomberg)

Humans should not have the right to determine when someone should die. When the states do it, it is equally as wrong as when the criminal does it. “It is true that the purpose of punishment is not only deterrence but also retribution, but this doesn’t justify the popular view that the killer should be killed, any more that a rapist should be raped or thieves stolen from” (Bloomberg). Hopefully, capital punishment will be abolished.