Vegetarianism-A Healthier Lifestyle

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It’s healthy, it’s unhealthy, it’s unethical, it’s virtuous and the positives seem to balance with the negatives. Vegetarianism is a huge controversial topic. Although the subject is broad, evidence proves that more people should become vegetarians. Nutritionists and environmentalists have determined that vegetarianism is a healthier lifestyle for people, the environment and animals worldwide.

“The American Dietic Association maintains that vegetarian diets are safe and healthful for everyone, from pregnant mothers to children to athletes…,” said Rachael Moeller Gorman, a mother and writer of a blog, who recently accepted a vegetarian lifestyle (Eating Well). She also discovers that meat-eaters tend to have higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol levels and deal with plaque in arteries which leads to heart attacks and strokes. People that eliminate meat from their diet reduce risk of heart disease, type two diabetes and some cancers. Many believe that eliminating meat from their diet can be extremely harmful, but “…a vegetarian diet, like any healthy diet, must be well planned in order to help prevent and treat certain diseases”(Brown University Health Promotion).

Although meat is the main source of protein and vitamin B12, a vegetarian based diet delivers complete nutrition and has health benefits such as treating eating disorders and receiving more calcium. Not only is vegetarianism helpful to health, but is supports the environment. It would conserve water and deplete air and water pollution. Grazing animals for food creates 18% more global greenhouse gases than the average greenhouse. It also takes about four-hundred and forty-one gallons of water to produce one pound of beef.

Many people become vegetarians for compassion for animals, cultural, religious, personal health or environmental reasons. Nutritionist Winston Craig said, “Typically, a person who goes on a vegetarian diet tells me they feel better all around.” Starting a meat-free diet is beneficial for a person’s well-being and the physical state of the earth.