Things to Remember this Thanksgiving

Turkey, rolls, potatoes. They all remind you of Thanksgiving, right? Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, but many people are forgetting what it is about. Between school break and the holiday travel, many forget what they are thankful for.

There are many Thanksgiving traditions. Some families invite everyone they know; some have a small family gathering; others just don’t celebrate at all.

Many small traditions on Thanksgiving are cooking while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, watching the annual NFL Football games, going around the table expressing what and why you are thankful for what you have, and getting ready to go Black Friday shopping.

Be appreciative when at your local store, such as Publix. Donate a few dollars or a food basket. At many grocers, you can buy or donate money toward a food drive basket for someone less fortunate to enjoy a yummy Thanksgiving dinner.

Give Thanks! It’s in the name Thanksgiving! Tell someone that you are thankful for them. Tell someone that you appreciate what they do for for you. At your Thanksgiving dinner, thank your family for what you have and remember to play games, watch holiday movies, and enjoy the day!