SpaceX Debris Found in UK

4,000 miles from its launching site, a piece of debris from a SpaceX rocket was found floating off of the coast of the Isle of Sicily.

The piece was believed to have fallen off of a rocket that was launched out of Cape Canaveral, Florida, that blew up in June right after launch.

“The words ‘Falcon 9’ were visible on the debris,” said Joseph Thomas, a boat captain who found the object Thursday afternoon, during an interview with CNN.

“My first thoughts were, it might be a whale or something dead floating on the surface, because there were seabirds feeding off it,” said Thomas, a skipper for Tresco Boat Services.

“It turned out they were feeding off goose barnacles. Once we got it ashore with the help of another vessel, [the coast guard] scraped some of the goose barnacles off, and it just so happened the first place they scraped, they found the flag,” Thomas said.

SpaceX has not had any immediate comments on the discovery, however the authorities are checking the object for serial numbers and communicating with SpaceX to try to identify it.