Leggings: Indecent Exposure

Photo By: cultofclothes.cinemaface.com

Photo By: cultofclothes.cinemaface.com

Leggings are an incredibly popular fashion trend that has been sneaking their way to the top for years.

Originally, leggings were intended to be worn under a shorter dress and layered with other accessories. However, as their popularity increases, people have began pairing leggings with t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, etc.

The amount of exposure provided when wearing leggings has caught nation-wide attention. According to BBC, Montana Lawmaker David Moore proposed a bill aimed at bolstering the state’s indecent exposure laws. When asked by a reporter what clothing he found indecent, Moore singled out the popular stretch trousers.

Many schools, including Ashley Ridge, have banned these pants because the pants are deemed inappropriate. However, if worn with a fingertip length dress, they are allowed.

“Leggings shouldn’t be allowed in school. They’re too tight and make other people uncomfortable,” said Amber Ziemba, junior.

However, Sabrina Linke, sophomore, has a different take on the matter, “I think leggings should be allowed in school, but the shirts should cover the butt instead of fingertip length.”

“I think it’s safe to say if you find a woman sexy in yoga pants, you probably will find her sexy in other items of clothing as well,” said blogger Ashley Crtalic in her post defending leggings after her school threatened to ban them. “I don’t think yoga pants are working some kind of voodoo magic on otherwise strong and secure bystanders.”