Special Needs Christmas Party



Jendaya Fleming, Advertising Manager/ Staff Writer

On December 11th, ARHS Leadership 2 is hosting a Christmas party for the special needs students at Ashley Ridge. The Christmas party will be held this Friday all day in mini-gym. This event will be Leadership’s 5th Christmas party at ARHS.

The Christmas party idea came from a past Lead 2 student at ARHS, Catherine Mazell, who thought it would be a  great idea to have a special needs Christmas party.

The Lead 2 students will have games, arts and crafts, and pictures with Santa Claus for the special needs students to occupy themselves with at the Christmas party.

There will be more special needs Christmas parties in the future as long as Lead 2 class continues doing the Christmas party. When asked if this year’s Christmas party will be successful, Mrs. Kestner, Lead 2 teacher, said  “Yes,  I have a great group of students who have worked really hard on the Christmas party.”

Lead 2, hope the event is fantastic and creative!