Stressed Out

Hailey Taylor, Contributor

At Ashley Ridge, plenty of students know what it’s like to have abundant amounts of homework. Many are also aware of the stress having effects on their health.

Students stay awake until the next day trying to get their work done. It seems like people can always be found working during lunch or on the bus. Students are stuck in a constant cycle of ever-growing work, and it’s affecting their performance.

Nicole Ammerall said, “I always finish my work, but it’s at the cost of losing sleep. I feel like I’m constantly stressing out and getting less and less sleep. At school, I’m always tired and sometimes feel awful. The other night I stayed up past twelve doing math.”

School and stressed students is not a good mix. Stress and little sleep make students more irritable and unable to focus. In attempt to finish schoolwork, students hurt their ability to learn.

While teachers may be giving practice to help students, the stress it gives eliminates the benefits. Some teachers don’t realize that students feel obligated to get good grades in all seven classes. Unfortunately, the students who need the extra help are typically the ones who don’t do it.

“While we’re being overloaded with homework, we also have to finish extended classwork making it double homework. Even with ILT, my homework isn’t finished in time to give me eight hours of sleep, but I have to get the grade,” said sophomore Madison Turner.

Little sleep and stress cause more problems than just acne. It leads to high blood pressure, insomnia, and a weak immune system later in life. The recent generations have grown to have increasing stress-related issues as adults. It’s been proven that people with high stress levels for long periods of time have shorter life spans.

Kelly Evans said, “When I have a lot of homework, I get really stressed out. I don’t get enough sleep, and when I do fall asleep, I don’t sleep well because I’m still thinking about it. I am naturally a worries and knowing stress can lead to serious health problems has only made me feel worse.”

However, Ashley Ridge is not the only school with students feeling this way. There are hundreds of stress-related problems that high schoolers everywhere experience today. So much so, that something intentionally good, homework, has become a national issue. Kids aren’t lying when they say school is killing them.

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