Beautiful Creatures Movie Review

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Beautiful Creatures Movie Review

Sarah Parham, Contributor

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Beautiful Creatures is a book written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl that was originally published in 2009 and was produced as a movie in 2013. Overall, I was bored with the movie and unimpressed with the way the writers and directors displayed the characters and the general plot.

The idea of creating the novel into a motion picture was brilliant, but the movie became unexciting after about thirty minutes. The producers basically used the typical characters found in other movies that aren’t interesting anymore. The plot had “ twists” that were unrelated and the story line had the usual dark side and light side, which is just another way for actors to look “dangerous.” Beautiful Creatures had acceptable visual and sound effects, but it was definitely not what I was expecting and is not what I would consider an enjoyable movie.

In Beautiful Creatures, Lena Duchannes, played by Alice Englert, is a teenage girl who is a “spell caster” that will be chosen by the Book Of Moons on her sixteenth birthday whether she will be chosen to be on the Light or Dark Side. She moves to Gatlin, South Carolina, after already being kicked out of three other schools in other towns, and attends her first day at Stonewall Jackson High School. She is picked on throughout her first day; people feared her and her family because they considered them satanists.

Ethan Wate, played by Alden Ehrenreich, steps into Lena’s life, and is considered a distraction from Lena’s selection as Light or Dark. He messes with her emotions and affects where she will be chosen. Although she hopes to be Light, her thoughts and actions seem to lead her to the Dark side by creating storms, shattering windows, etc. Lena endures many trials and even finds out events from her past life as she discovered who she was meant to be.

The acting throughout Beautiful Creatures was displeasing; the actors were noticeably distracted and the facial expressions did not match the feelings trying to be conveyed in certain scenes. For example, when Lena and Ethan would talk to each other, they would over express themselves to the point where it seemed like they didn’t know what they were doing. The really strong southern accents all through the movie also sounded fake.  

A best scene in Beautiful Creatures was not difficult to find because there was only one. The scene of Lena’s first day at Stonewall Jackson High School had the usual high school setting elements, with the popular girls that bully the outcast, but the part where Lena’s dark side conscious took over and she shattered the large windows in the classroom was extremely exciting. The worst part of Beautiful Creatures was pretty much the rest of the movie. I did not favor any of the other scenes because of how predictable and boring they were.

An enjoyable part of the movie would be the music and, at times, the special effects. The music went with the scenes well, although I would recommend more songs. The scene where Lena’s cousin, Ridley Duchannes played by Emmy Rossum, is introduced with the perfect song playing in the background to display Ridley’s rebellious personality to the audience.

The sound effects seemed better than the special effects sometimes. When lightning flashed, which happened a lot in the movie, it had the style of real thunder. The sound quality in the church towards the beginning of Beautiful Creatures echoed and had a great balance with the voices.

In conclusion, the movie was nothing that I have not already seen in other movies. I did not expect the movie to be intriguing after reading the book. I would not recommend Beautiful Creatures to adults or even many youth. This movie would be interesting to young adults that find magical stories with a lot of exciting drama, but in general, the movie is a waste of time.