Parents and Politics


It is an expectation that children will follow their parents’ footsteps, but that isn’t always the case, whether parents try to push their views on their offspring or not. Children grow up hearing the views and opinions of their parents in conversations at the dinner table. From there, they either choose to accept or reject them.

Studies show, “While a fifth of U.S. teens (21%) say they are ‘more liberal’ than their parents and 7% say ‘more conservative,’ 7 in 10 teens (71%) say their social and political ideology is about the same as mom and dad’s” (

Eric Harp, an Ashley Ridge junior, doesn’t really have the same views as his parents.While he is more conservative, his parents have influenced his opinions in a positive way and taught him the difference between right and wrong. He absolutely believes that the difference between his and his parents’ views has to do with the generation gap.

Ashley Ridge senior, Anna Morris, says, “I have the same conservative views as my parents just because they raised me and taught me what I know.”

Teens are still forming their political opinions as they learn and grow. It is inevitable that parents will affect this in some way.