The Open Lunch Campus Debate

The Open Lunch Campus Debate

Paige Gunther, Social Media Manager/Staff Writer

Many students feel like they are entitled to the privilege of being able to leave school campus during lunch. If teens are of age to drive to school, they should be responsible to come and go during lunchtime.

Not only would an open campus grant more freedom, but also solve common problems. Crowded cafeterias and long lunch lines are an everyday struggle. ILT provides enough time for students to go out, get food, and return for class. As long as teachers and administrators were on top of attendance, tardiness and skipping could be avoided. Strict and proper punishments could be in place. With an open campus, students would learn more responsibility.

Maddi Bertauski, an Ashley Ridge senior, says, “The options at the school are either not fresh or not healthy. If there was the opportunity to leave school and either go home, or go to other restaurants, students may be able to be more satisfied and not so distracted in the classes after lunch. There would be less students in the cafeteria, causing less fights probably.”

The district also spends a great deal of money to feed students, but with this policy, the school could potentially save money.

Experimenting with something like an open campus for lunch at Ashley Ridge would be beneficial by boosting a sense of freedom, decreasing the amount of chaos in the cafeteria, promoting health, improving learning, and saving money for the school.