Dope Movie Review



Paige Gunther, Social Media Manager/Staff Writer

In the movie Dope, the meaning of geek gets a new definition. Because of their obsession with ’90s hip hop culture, BMX bikes, skateboards, and their punk band, three teens are considered outcasts in the hood of Inglewood, California.

The main character, Malcolm (Shameik Moore), does a favor for a drug dealer, Dom (A$AP Rocky), by extending a birthday party invitation to Nakia (Zoe Kravitz). Malcolm ends up with a bag full of drugs that he must distribute on his own which turns into an incredible adventure for him and his friends.

The plot of Dope is a busy one, but somehow it all works. The story line is exciting, funny, and in more ways than one, relatable. Dope is a great coming of age film, full of great music, and perfect for anyone immersed in pop culture.