The Increasingly Popular VSCO Cam


Paige Gunther, Social Media Manager/Staff Writer

Widely known for its well-liked filters and editing tools, VSCO Cam has developed into a whole new photo-sharing platform. Users’ profiles, called grids, are set up as links where they can post their photos. Called the “anti-Instagram” by some, followers are not the center of this app. Following other grids can be done, but up until recently followers could not even be seen.

Likes and comments don’t exist in the VSCO world. The only type of interaction is “adding to your collection.” Collections work by saving other people’s photos to your library and uploading to an album called a collection.

Many people love the app because of the distinct differences from other social media websites. It’s a cool way to share photos, just for yourself a maybe a few other people, and there’s no stigma about it being seen or how many likes it gets.

Ashley Ridge student, Sophie Belhassen says, “I think the app is popular because words don’t have to be said to express the art. I like it because I like looking at other people’s lives and no drama.”

VSCO erases everything known about social media and just emphasizes the photos.