Local Underground Rappers: Series 99′


Series 99′

If you like Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Eminem; you should definitely listen to Series 99′.

Series 99′ is a local underground rap group which features three juniors and 1 senior from Ashley Ridge: Donte Clark, Derrick Deas, Jeremiah Boone, and Chris Param. Series 99′ also goes by  B.A.S.I.C. ( Be Aware Society Is Corrupt).

Series 99′ has songs on SoundCloud like 300 beans, Roots to Evil, Bliss, and What Came Around.

“My favorite song is Bliss because it’s different from what I usually produce,” said Donte Clark.

Series 99′ has been working hard to get their music on a local radio station like Z93 Jams and 95.1.

The boys have all been making music for a long time.

“I have been making music since elementary school but I didn’t pick it up until 6th grade,” said Jeremiah Boone.

“I’ve been making beats since last year but I just started to make actual songs this year,” said Donte Clark.

The boys all have different inspiration for why they make music. Donte Clark said, “Metro Boomin” is an inspiration, “because his type of music is very similar to the type that I produce. Also, he likes to bring energy into a song and likes to get people hype. And that’s what I tend to do when I go into make a song.”

Jeremiah Boone said, “I inspire myself because I have the drive to.”

Chris Param is inspired by Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars and Maroon 5. “I’ve always seen and heard people play the guitar, and I thought it was the most beautiful musical instrument ever. Growing up I listened to artist like like Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, and many other singers that incorporate the guitar in their music. Those artist inspire me because I love the type of music they create and I’m the type of person to mimic their music and create my own version,” said Chris Param.

Derrick Deas is inspired by his grandmother, his brother, and the members of Series 99′. ” I would say my grandmother. She always pushes me and challenges me. She introduced me to new songs and I started creating my own music. Also, my brother and of course Donte and Jeremiah. They are always ready to make new music each week,” said Derrick Deas.

Even though the boys have different inspirations; they all share the love for music.

Both Jeremiah Boone, Donte Clark, Chris Param and Derrick Deas want to pursue music as their future careers.

“I would say it could be a career, when I get older. But, with the amount of support I have and opportunities that I encountered, it could be something I would carry on after graduation,” said Derrick Deas.

Chris Param said, “I’m going to pursue as much as I can right now with our group and see where it takes us. If we get somewhere, which I hope we do, then I’ll consider making this my future career. I’ve always wanted to make music and become as artist growing up.”

Series 99′ is looking forward to copyrighting their music and having their music played on the radio. But for right now Series 99′ is busy making more music for SoundCloud.

Check out Donte Clark’s SoundCloud for new music: https://m.soundcloud.com/johndoebeats843