Prom Night Safety and Preparation


Paige Gunther, Social Media Manager/Staff Writer

With Prom just a couple weeks away, and the night approaching quickly, there are important things to remember.

Make sure if you’re doing anything to achieve a “prom-ready body,” it’s safe and healthy!

Most girls want to be tanned for prom. Spray tanning is a safer alternative to the tanning bed and even real sunlight. Remember to use sunscreen under direct sunlight.

Don’t feel pressured to drink, smoke, do drugs, or have sex on prom night. Remember that it’s okay to say no. Never get into a car with someone who has been drinking.

After-prom plans should be adult supervised. Keep in contact with your parents throughout the night.

Ashley Ridge student, Emma Duncan, says, “I hope everyone is safe and careful before, during, and after prom. Drinking and driving is serious, and I don’t want to wake up in the morning after to hear something tragic happened.”

Junior, McLean Golden, added, “Prom is supposed to be a fun night. Let’s keep it a good time by being safe and not drinking and driving.”

Prom is about having fun and making memories, but it’s important to be safe at all times.