Miriam Muhammad and Samantha Waters Earned Arts Scholarships



Jendaya Fleming, Advertising Manager/ Staff Writer

Two Ashley Ridge students earned Arts scholarship at the 2016 Summerville ROCKS! on April 30th. Summerville ROCKS! was held at Summerville Country Club.

Miriam Muhammad, an Advanced Placement Art student, received the Larry Barnfield Arts Scholarship for those who want to teach, as well as practice, one of the arts. Muhammad created “A Modern Impression of New York” as part of her work in AP Art. Muhammad plans to attend Winthrop University, majoring in Fine Arts and Education.(Summerville Jounal Scene)

Samantha Waters received the Summerville Artist Guild Scholarship.

Waters is going to Brigham Young University in Utah for a double major in Biotechnology and Visual Arts.

“She said she will continue studying the arts in college because her art has been such a large part of her life as far back as she can remember.” (Summerville Journal Scene)

Muhammad and Water are both graduating seniors with AP Arts teacher Ms.Ellis.

“I’m proud of my students for earning the Summerville ROCK! scholarship because they’re representing Ashley Ridge and they won for our district,” said AR Arts teacher, Ms. Ellis.

Summerville ROCKS! founder Jane Orenstein awarded the scholarship, with retired Dorchester District 2 Arts Director Larry Barnfield. (Summerville Jounal Scene)

The event had 200 people to the BBQ dinner and auction to bid on 16 children’s rocking chairs and 42 adult chairs.

Congratulations to our fellow Ridge Rowdies on earning a $4,500 arts scholarship.