Welcome back Ashley Ridge Students


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Liz King

Ashley Ridge is back in action currently 4 weeks into the 2017 school year. Students are excitedly roaming the halls and chatting with their friends. Freshman who have just started at Ashley Ridge are walking the halls trying to adjust to their new lives as high school students. This year will be bitter sweet for the Senior students; who prepare to graduate this year, and move on to an exciting new chapter.

Most returning students of Ashley Ridge have down the ways of the school, but for the freshman; high school is a whole different ball game, and they might lose their way. Here are some tips so you can stay on top of your game this year.

Be on time to class, this is key for showing the teacher that you are ready to learn and work hard. This also proves that you are a dedicated student who cares about their school. If you are late, make sure you sign the tardy logs in the teacher’s class, they should be right there when you walk in. Signing the tardy log will help with your attendance just to make sure that you were┬áin the class and not absent that day. If you are late, get a pass from your last period teacher or student information.

Organization is key, be organized in your school work don’t misplace things because you’re not organized. Have folders and binders; hole punch papers that your teachers give you so you won’t misplace them. Take neat notes, if you lose your notes ask to borrow a friend’s. Ask your teacher for another sheet if you lose it.

Branch out and explore all this school has to offer you. Go to sporting events, join clubs, go to the school plays. High school goes a lot faster than you think. Just enjoy high school while it lasts, these are supposed to be the greatest 4 years of your life.

So, Ashley Ridge students, lets make this back to school year great and exciting.