Friday Night Lights Turn Sour

AR Student Section

Liz King

AR Student Section

The Ashley Ridge Varsity football season has begun, and is bringing lots of spirit to the fellow foxes. The enthusiasm this student body portrays is very exceptional;however, the excitement on Friday nights are beginning to be elevated to a whole different level.

There have been multiple sightings of students under the influence of illegal substances that are attending the football games. Students are arriving to the games under the influence and driving home in a dangerous condition.

“I definitely do not think it is right for students to be at a school event when they are not on their best behavior,” said Olivia Wright, “It does not make our school look good to others.”

This year has not been the only year the student section has been a little too rowdy. Students in prior years have been asked to leave the football games or have been escorted out and have faced disciplinary consequences.

“I believe there is definitely a way to have fun at a football game without involving anything substances to enhance your mood,” said Junior, Ashley Anderson.

Ashley Ridge Principal, Mrs.Radcliffe, has expressed her concern about the arousing problem of the student section. She has warned the students multiple times that “football games are an extension of the school grounds and misbehaving will be dealt with accordingly.”

The swamp foxes still have three home games left of the regular football season. Now that students have been warned of the repercussions that their actions may have on Friday nights,we only hope they will change their behavior. Football games are a place to show school spirit and have fun. Let’s keep Ashley Ridge a safe place to be!