“Mechanic Resurrection” Review

A Can't Miss Thriller Film


Jason Statham, main character

In Mechanic Resurrection, a professional assassin comes out of retirement to face the ultimate task of defeating his enemy. He has to take on a series of three missions to save the girl he fell in love with. The director, Dennis Gansel, portrays this thriller movie so wonderfully through the sound effects and the storyline.

After Arthur Bishop, played by Jason Statham, is captured by his enemy, Sam Hazeldine, he is given the task to complete three assassinations and make each one look like an accident. As long as Bishop did not get caught, he would be reunited with his lover, Gina, played by Jessica Alba.

When Bishop finds out that his enemy has an alternative plan once he completes  his operations, he has to come up with a way to save Gina and escape.

Gansel uses vivid sound effects to make viewers feel as if they were inside of the move screen. The anticipating background music and abrupt pauses  left watchers on the ends of their seats and their eyes wide open.

Due to Bishop being a retired assassin, he does not have time to fall in love;however, when Gina comes along he just can’t resist. Gansel lays outs their love story so effortlessly by allowing their characters to fight for each other and escape together.

Mechanic Resurrection is a rated R film for excessive violence, profanity, and  a moderately provocative scene between Statham and Alba. This movie is not recommended for younger children; however, this intense thriller can still attract a variety of people.