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"Chelsey Sullenburg" on the Airplane Phone

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The true story of the emergency landing of flight 1549 has come to life through the new release of the movie Sully. Academy Award winning director, Clint Eastwood, illustrates this story with the use of exceptional acting and exquisite soundtracks throughout the movie.

Captain Chesley Sullenberger , portrayed by Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks, landed his plane on the Hudson River with 155 passengers aboard after encountering a flock of geese. Every single life was saved and he instantly became a hero. However, following the incident comes an investigation that could possibly have a threat to the captain’s career.

Most Americans remember or lived during the “The Miracle on the Hudson”;however, the actors on the screen really recaptured the emotion on the plane that day and the behind the scenes chaos that many people did not notice.

At no surprise, Tom Hanks did an exceptional job in this movie. Eastwood said, “Tom captures many of the mannerisms that Sully has and he is the same age that Sully was when the incident happened in 2009.” These characteristics are what set Hanks apart from any other actor who could’ve done this role. He was able to exhibit and empathize the emotion that Sullenberger had that day.

Co-Star Aaron Eckhart,who played co-pilot Jeff Skiles, also did a phenomenal job assisting Hanks in his role. Eckhart is in many of the investigation scenes in the movie due to the fact that he was a part of the landing of the plane.

The soundtrack and theme song for the movie was named “Flying Home”. I believe this song was chosen as a way to represent the different parts of the movie. Some parts of the song had a very profound sound with a melancholy touch, while other parts were very heroic sounding and strong.

This PG-13 movie is a great movie for all members of the family. It is only a 96 minute film;yet, it tells a true story that will last forever. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves a great biography drama.


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