AR Defeats the Hometown Rival


Roger Lee

Hombre Kennedy, Ben Mitchum gets a tackle on Summerville!

The Ashley Ridge Varsity football team won a huge region game on Friday night against the Summerville Greenwave team. The intensity was high and the crowd was ready for a great showdown.

The hometown rivalry began a few years ago when Ashley Ridge High School was built in 2008. Friday night’s win will be the second consecutive time the Football Team has defeated Summerville.

The swamp foxes beat Summerville 24-21 and stayed ahead of them for three quarters of the game. The Greenwave was favored to win;however, the foxes worked together extremely well and got themselves a victory.

Junior cornerback, Hombre Kennedy says “It always feels good to beat a cross town rival, especially since we were doubted. It was a great win.”

Although the win was a team effort, key players like Russell Montgomery, the quarterback, and Hakeem Ellington made important plays to obtain the win.

Ashley Ridge took the lead when Ellington made an 80-yard touchdown from a 35-yard pass from Montgomery. This play started the energy for the foxes.

Kennedy made an interception that led to a touchdown and also caused a fumble which then led to a field goal. “The interception was very key to the momentum of the game, as so was each of the turnovers ,” said Kennedy, “It was a great team effort by all aspects of Ashley Ridge Football.”

What a great triumph displayed from our Varsity football Team! Ashley Ridge is very proud of them for not only winning a region game, but for beating their number one rival. The Swampfoxes will face another region matchup against the Goose Creek Gators next week at home.

Go Foxes!