Fun Fall Activities

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fall google search

Liz King, writer

Fall is finally here and people are trying hard to get into the spirit. There are so many things you can do this fall that the possibilities are endless. If you need some fall activity ideas , here you go.

It’s not Halloween until you have stepped foot in a haunted house. Boonehall Plantaion does an amazing haunted house feature, but sadly this year they will not be doing a haunted house or haunted hay rides. If you would like to go to a haunted house this year, try Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina. They do Scarowinds every year and it is a big hit for all participants

One great thing to do this Fall with family or friends is pumpkin picking and apple picking. There is so much joy in going on a field and picking out your own pumpkins or apples. You have the opportunity to carve out your pumpkin and make a scary jack o’ lantern, or you could try some amazing fall recipes like apple crumble or delicious pumpkin pie.

Hiking or watching the leaves change color is something so wonderful to watch. The beauty you will see while driving around downtown or taking a walk through a nature trail is absolutely breath taking. Going on a small walk watching the leaves change colors to those beautiful reds and oranges really helps you start to appreciate nature and make you fall in love with the Fall season.

Corn mazes are creepy, but also really fun. If you’ve seen Stephen King’s movie Children of the Corn, then you will definitely  not want to step foot into a corn maze. On the other hand, if you have weird sense for danger, by all means check out Denver Downs Corn Maze.

If none of these activities spark your interest, pick up a good Halloween movie classic like Hocus Pocus, or Halloween. Enjoy the fall season while you have it, because when it’s gone you’ll be stuck with Winter.