Need a Good Spook?

Check out these great movies!


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Liz King, writer

Halloween is right around the corner, and everyone is trying to get into the Fall spirit. There are plenty of things you can do this Fall season, but who wants to get out of bed. Why not stay at home and cuddle up with a good Halloween movie to get you more into the Fall mood.

Some television networks start their Halloween specials the at the first sight of a jack o’ lantern, while more popular television networks, like Freeform and Disney Channel, wait until a week before the big night. The television specials are more commonly known as “13 nights of Halloween” or “Monstober”. If you’re more interested into blood and gore, you might want to check out channels like AMC’s Fearfest.

A great Halloween movie to watch with the kiddos is Hocus Pocus. It is about three witch sisters who are awakened on Halloween night by a boy named Max, his friend named Allison, and his little sister Dani. They have until midnight to stop the witches from stealing the souls of the children of Salem. Another Halloween classic is Halloweentown; Kimberly J. Brown soon learns she is a witch from her grandmother and she must help save a town full of magical creatures.

If you don’t find those entertaining, you can check out some more PG-13 movies like Beetlejuice. It was directed by Tim Burton and is about a couple who dies in a car accident. They soon realize that they are stuck haunting their home and they end up befriending Lydia. She is the teenage daughter of the new owners. The couple has no luck in trying to scare the new owners away, and in the process, they attract Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice is a rambunctious spirit whose “help” quickly becomes dangerous.

Now if you’re looking for a good scary movie, check out some of the classics like Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, or chucky. These movies will definitely leave you spooked on the night of Halloween. If you plan on watching movies like these  on Halloween, make sure you have a buddy who can protect you from good ‘ole Micheal Myers.

Enjoy watching these movies, and don’t forget to keep the lights on.