Happy Birthday to the Summerville Farmers’ Market

A Woman buying Fresh Produce on October 1, 2016

The Summerville Journal Scene

A Woman buying Fresh Produce on October 1, 2016

Olivia Brown

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The Summerville Famers’ Market celebrated its 25th Anniversary this past weekend on Saturday. So many people came out to hear great music, taste great food, and make many purchases.

All the way back in 1991, the Summerville Farmers’ Market began with only eight vendors. Today, it has an average of 70 vendors each weekend.

Tim Orvin, manager of the market, said, “my favorite part of the farmers’ market has been getting to know everybody. And it’s a big family, I guess, is the best compliment to give everybody.”

The Farmers’ market wanted to take the time to recognize its founder, Mr.Walter Limehouse, and three vendors that have been at the market since it started—Gruber Farm, Rina’s Kitchen and Rivers Vegetable Market.

“We are fortunate to have dedicated vendors that bring a wide variety of goods out every Saturday and community members that are enthusiastic to buy area products,” said George Ketchel, farmers’ market supervisor.

After 1pm on Saturday, all of the vendors were welcomed to enjoy a picnic hosted by the town of Summerville.

“I attend the market almost every Saturday with my parents and it is really nice to  see everyone together in our community,” said Ruthie Baggett.

Come out and support The Summerville farmers’ is open every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m from April to December.