Hurricane Matthew


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Liz King, Writer

Hurricane season has approached and has already proved how devastating hurricanes can be. Earlier in August of 2016, the West Coast of Florida experienced Hurricane Hermine, a category 1 hurricane.

Hermine left West Florida flooded and many people lost their homes. Now, Florida is once again threatened by another dangerous hurricane. Hurricane Matthew has already hit Haiti and Jamaica; leaving their countries even more impoverished.

Hurricane Matthew was a category 4 when it hit Haiti and Jamaica. A category 4 hurricane is very dangerous and can cause mass destruction.Winds range from 131 to 155 mph and can cause catastrophic damage to property. Category 4 hurricanes often include long-term power outages and water shortages lasting for weeks.

Florida is expected to get hit midday Thursday and linger on till Friday; by the time it reaches Florida the hurricane will be a category 3. Florida has time to prepare for Hurricane Matthew; the National Hurricane Center said “This dangerous storm will be closely monitored”.

South Carolina is expected to get hit also Saturday and Sunday. There are talks about closing down schools till the storm passes, but it is not likely since we will have to make those days up later in the school year.

Florida and South Carolina have time to prepare for Matthew. Make sure you go to the store and stock up on water and non-perishables. Also make sure you have candles or flashlights just in case loss of power; keep track of the hurricanes movements and be safe.

Keep the places that have been hit by Hurricane Matthew in your prays.